I took a few requests and sorta bit off more than I can chew, but I will be submitting more art soon enough.
Just been hard to get moving.


invidia doodles ;0



invidia doodles ;0


Purple, Turquoise.


I’d hug you too ;w; i love hugs <3

*squee* :3

If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.
Lao Tzu (via phillypu)
Audaxus - Odyssey WIP


Here’s something I’ve been working on for a long time, but now I’m stuck and dunno when it’ll be finished so have this for now


Human forms. This one turned out a-ok.

Human forms. This one turned out a-ok.

I attempted to draw a futa Pinkie Pie without any references, and I can honestly say that I am ashamed that this is how it has come to an end.
I&#8217;m busy with a couple of other requests, so God help me&#8230;

I attempted to draw a futa Pinkie Pie without any references, and I can honestly say that I am ashamed that this is how it has come to an end.

I’m busy with a couple of other requests, so God help me…

My own race embarrasses me sometimes.


I drew for an hour today. See you next year

Basically how I operate.

The sunset looks nice tonight.

Hey awesome Bearra guy, I've been pondering the idea of starting a NSFW blog within the next 1-2 months (with my own art, not a reblog-blog), and was wondering if you had any tips on a guy whose just starting out in this arena :3 (Btw, <3 your art)


I can give it a shot!

I will admit I’m fairly guilty of breaking these rules myself, but I hope you and others will use this opportunity to learn from the mistakes I commonly make.

1) don’t let anybody (no matter who it is) dictate your abilities or how you manage your blog!

2) never draw if you aren’t completely motivated or somewhat compelled — forcing artwork only depreciates it’s end value and your confidence!

3) never make yourself think you have a drawing “schedule”. This goes along with the whole forcing thing. Nobody governs how often you draw and how often you post.

3) try to remember to place the value of feedback above the that of follower and note count. While it’s without question that your followers are very important, and that notes indicate your outreach, feedback is the only sure-fire way you’ll grow and expand your horizons as an artist

4) NEVER get too cocky or ahead of yourself! Once, I had this raffle-type thing I’d do on weekends where I’d spin a wheel and draw whatever three or so OCs I picked. Turns out, it became overbearing to draw so many characters at near will and I became hideously encumbered and received a lot of angry mail ;;

5) make sure you tag kinks, fetishes, species, and orientation if needed! That way people won’t have to see art they may be uncomfortable with if they have the tags blacklisted. (Sadly, I’m really bad about forgetting this one ;;) And, even if you list your blog as nsfw, it’s always a good idea to tag nsfw art as an added precaution.

6) If possible, develop relationships with other artists. Though some people like to use this to their advantage for getting their characters drawn, having artsy friends can be highly beneficial if you’re stuck on anatomical details, ideas, etc.

7) have fun with what you do. With the exception of some possible struggles regarding features or etc, drawing shouldn’t be an unenjoyable craft.

I could go on but this post would be about a fuckin mile long ;v;


shoutout out to all my buddies who have shitty dads or no dads at all this father’s day, you turned out just great regardless, you can’t choose your family and you don’t deserve any negativity from them,and you don’t deserve backlash or guilt-tripping for cutting them out of your life if that’s what you need/ed to do and i love you all 

Word up.